Irgendwann werden wir uns alles erzählen

A film by Emily Atef

Germany, 138 minutes, German

In the summer after the reunification of Germany a teenage girl embarks on a clandestine and passionate relationship with a troubled older man.

The summer of 1990 is hot in the countryside of Thuringia, in former East Germany. Maria is about to turn 19, lives with her boyfriend Johannes on his parents’ farm and would rather lose herself in books than focus on graduating. There is a sense of a new era dawning with the German reunification, when she bumps into Henner, the farmer next door. One touch is all it takes to ignite an all-consuming passion between Maria and the headstrong, charismatic man twice her age. In an atmosphere buzzing with possibilities, love is born: a secret passion full of longing and desire that devours everything in its path.

Directors Statement
Emily Atef

What I found fascinating in Daniela Krien’s novel »Some Day We Will Tell Each Other Everything« is her taboo breaking portrayal of a young woman’s desire, of female desire, with all its facets. The curiosity of the main character Maria, to test her limits, to understand herself and life, without fear of transgressing moral or social boundaries. The fact that she is allowed to do this as a woman, especially as a young woman, is something I was very interested in bringing to the screen.



Marlene Burow
Felix Kramer
Cedric Eich
Silke Bodenbender
Florian Panzner
Jördis Triebel
Christian Erdmann
Christine Schorn
Axel Werner
Victoria Mayer
Petra Kalkutschke
Peter Schneider
German von Beug


Emily Atef


Emily Atef
Daniela Krien


Karsten Stöter


Emily Atef


Armin Dierolf

Production Design

Beatrice Schultz


Anne Fabini

Costume Design

Gitti Fuchs

Hair & Make-up

Monika Münnich
Astrid Mariaschk

Artistic Contribution

Josune Hahnheiser


Christoph M. Kaiser
Julian Maas

Sound Recording

Magnus Pflüger

Sound Design

Kai Tebbel

Sound Editor

Matthias Lempert


Peter Hartwig

Production Manager

Richard Heinecke

Line Producer

Christian Fürst

Comissioning editors

Meike Götz
Birgit Kämper
Cooky Ziesche
Katharina Dufner


Simone Bär
Alexandra Montag
Jacqueline Rietz

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Deutscher Filmförderfonds
Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung
Film- und Medienstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen
Creative Europe - Media Programme of the European Union

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